Soragia – Endlish Edition (ebook & Printed book)



A transsexual is confronted by a young journalist in the first confession of her life after the death of her husband in order to admit the crime she has committed. But the two of them are coming very close.

I am one of those monsters that you hate.
One of those that the ones who live by the conduct of good behavior point at. Nobody loves my monstrous eyes. No one takes care of them. Instead of a few good words, all they get is hatred. They rub my head over the vomit of morals. You see, if there was once a drop of goodness inside me, they made sure to suck it out of me.
If you don’t like monsters, then don’t read me.
I will tell you though that these monsters are called to find the lie that you underestimate because you are too naive to see that this might be the only road which will lead you to the truth. This society has two parallel worlds. The one, you live in it… and the other is my world.
*This story contains intense vocabulary and harsh sex scenes.


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